Her Father's First Look

by Yvonne N. Levesque in

Why do we build a father's first look into wedding day timelines?

Like in the movie "Father of the Bride", dad is often covering many details, often costs, and running errands while doing one of the most difficult and joyous things he'll share with his daughter.  He does this because he wants his daughter's big day to be memorable and special, just like her.

You look so, so beautiful
— One father upon seeing his daughter

Every father-daughter relationship is different, but we haven't seen a father yet that doesn't appreciate this special moment.  This is exactly why we do our very best to build this moment into the photography timeline of your wedding day.  Is there someone in your life who deserves a special moment on your wedding day?  Let us know, so that we can build in time for everything that's important to you.

In Expectation

by Yvonne N. Levesque

As this sweet family waited with anticipation for their second son to arrive, we strolled Deland together and captured their witty charm and family fun.

First Anniversary and More Happy News

by Yvonne N. Levesque

Kayla and Ben are celebrating their first anniversary.  As a long time friend of the family, I was blessed to capture this beautiful day at a farm in the woods.  The  groom's large family provided the beautiful children to announce the bride's arrival.  Soon this darling couple will have an arrival of their own - a first child.  Congratulations!