How To Prepare For a Portrait Sitting

by Yvonne N. Levesque in

Our goal is to capture a relaxed, authentic moment in a portrait the you'll love.

Here are some practical suggestions to help you get the most out of a photography session:

Location, Location, Location

This can be a tough decision, even for wedding portraits. Here are some things to consider when choosing a location:

  • Parks, springs, and beaches can all be great choices especially during the hours just before dusk and just after dawn.
  • Well lit homes or historical sites are great choices especially those with lots of natural light.
  • City streets, especially interesting brick buildings, and tree lined streets can be great options. Look for locations that have a variety of scene options like outdoor cafes of green spaces.
  • Barns, historic homes, front porches and country roads are also great options.
  • Look for locations that have some shade, some interesting architecture or a focal point like water, large moss covered oak trees, colorful wild flowers or manicured landscaping.
  • A location with bathroom can be important, especially if you bring a change of clothes.
  • Think about unusual choices like fairs, street festivals, theme parks, historic streets or landmarks, or even on the water in a canoe!

If there's an entry fee to your chosen location, please plan entry for two photographers or a photographer and assistant depending on the photo package you've chosen.
Our staff can, upon availability, travel to any location to capture your special moment. Please inquire about travel outside of our local area.

Tatiana, Deland Senior 2015

Tatiana, Deland Senior 2015

What to Wear?

Be yourself. Wear a style of clothing and hairstyle that are recognizably your style. Dress up or dress casual, but be yourself.

  • Wear comfortable shoes for outdoor photos, but by all means bring your impractical pretty shoes!
  • Neutral colored clothing like tans, grays, even shades of denim make great colors for photo shoots. Add another soft or neutral color like green, blue, creamy yellow, pink to add interest. Shades of the same color or complementary colors look best in a family photo.
  • If your skin is not dark, avoid wearing white near your face.
  • Avoid wearing dark colors (navy, black, dark brown) with very light (white, yellow, cream) in the same outfit.
  • Avoid neon colors, plaids, stripes, busy patterns or logo t-shirts.
  • Bring a change of clothing if you like. Be sure your clothes a hung on a hanger to avoid wrinkling.

Hair and Other Tips

  • Avoid a dramatic new hairstyle, first spray tan, or a facial just prior to your portrait sitting.
  • Guys, your facial hair or stubble will be very clear in close ups, be sure you want it showing.
  • Don't worry about a small blemish or a few. They can be removed in editing.
  • Ladies, If you wear makeup, stick with a natural look. Bring powder and lipstick or gloss for touch ups. If you want to try a heavier makeup look during your session, we suggest you add makeup as your second look.  
  • Be sure to remove chipped nail polish and hide bra straps well.

Your Personal Style, Your Props

We welcome props! Bring them!
Here are a few examples:

  • Picnic basket and blanket.
  • Sports gear of all kinds including bicycles and motorcycles.
  • A child's favorite stuffed toy.
  • Jewelry and accessories like hats or umbrellas.
  • Books, bibles, or other things that represent importance to you or your family.

Let our staff know what you're planning and let us help you find photo ideas that fit your style.

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