One of Our Favorite Weddings

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Why was this wedding one of our most difficult and one of our favorites?  


Just as the bride's hair and makeup were finishing and the guys we dressed and ready to go, the rain started to come down on the chairs perfectly alined in front of the lakeside dock.  The bride was optimistic, but soon learned that the ceremony was being moved to the reception location across the massive property to a pole bard already set for the reception.

It continued to rain as a fog rolled in and the newlyweds were wished "Good luck".  This couple didn't need luck, they had each other and the optimism of children with the deep connection of a happily married couple of 50 years.  They married amongst the tears, prayers, and shouts of joy from their closest friends and family and then set out with us, into the rain and mud (at the couple's request), to get some of the most amazing newlywed shots.  Mud and rain couldn't stop their joy.  We were blessed to be there for it all!

Fall is coming, even to Central Florida

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Last week after the tiniest "cold" front washed over Florida, temperatures dropped below sweltering and I had the opportunity to take a walk in the park and along the Weliva River to capture a sweet moment with Ashley and Taylor who will be married next spring.

I can’t wait to marry this man in March! Thank you YNL Photography for the beautiful photos!
— Ashley, 2016 Bride