Emily's Essential Wedding Emergency Kit

by Yvonne N. Levesque in

Our assistant photographer, Emily Sindle, is so organized that she insisted that we carry an emergency kit to each wedding shoot. These items have proven to be essentials, a few were even used on Emily's very own wedding day. With each wedding, this kit has grown to include all of the essentials.

The contents of Emily's Essential Wedding Emergency Kit:
White chalk (wedding pro's secret weapon)
Absorbent white cloth
Makeup remover wipes
Safety pins
Double sided tape
Oil blotting papers
Nude bandages
Bobby pins (dark and light)
Hair bands
Small scissors
Breath mints
Nail polish remover
Lint roller
Pain reliever
Hard candies (for blood sugar drops)

We also bring bottled water. Drinks and (not too messy) snacks are a great thing to add to your bridal preparation room.

Wishing you a beautiful and stress free wedding day!